Automatic Payment (direct debit /credit card)

This is when an automatic transfer of money is made from your bank account to ours every week/month/quarter. We will do the paperwork for you. You just need to fill out the Direct_Debit_Request_Form or Credit_Card_Authorisation_Form and then return it to us.

Envelope/Planned Giving

If your giving varies each week, this would be the best option for you. Upon request you are allocated an 'envelope number'. You can then give anonymously in the collection by simply placing your donation in the collection in an envelope marked with your number. Please contact the Parish Centre to receive a one year worth of envelopes (one for each week).

One-off Donation/Online Transfer

This is simply a one-off donation to Star of the Sea Parish Gladstone. Please call the Parish Office for the BSB and Account Number.